Container spreader C-lift

Timars C-Lift - Semi-automatic fixed frame container spreader

A semi-automatic fixed frame container spreader for handling ISO certified containers.

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  • 6052mm (20ft)
  • 9118mm (30ft)
  • 12185mm (40ft)


  • 2430 mm


  • 500mm (frame only)


Timars C-lift

The Timars C-Lift is a semi-automatic fixed frame container spreader for handling ISO certified containers.

The C-Lift can be operated by most types of hook operated cranes, such as quay crane, mobile crane,overhead cranes and ship mounted cranes.

Timars C-Lift has a semi-automatic operation however the spreader can also be
operated manually using the preinstalled handles. Operation of the spreader is based on the ’gravity and lift’ principle, locking and unlocking of the twistlocks is made by the lowering and lifting of the spreader by the crane operator.The spreader is available to suit 20ft, 30ft & 40ft ISO containers. C-Lift spreaders are available from 32t up to 40t lifting capacities.

All Timars C–Lift spreaders can also be equipped with Timars Gravity Centralizer for safe handling of unevenly loaded containers

The spreader offers unique advantages for the operator, such as:

• Safety interlocking system
• Safety Torque Limitation (STB-system)
• Corner guide arm system for safe and fast approach to the container
• Extremely low tare weight (e.g. 1200 kg for a 20ft incl. wiresling)
• Visual indicator for twistlock position
• Attachments for over height handling of open container and flat racks
• Flexible construction for uneven conditions



  • 6052mm (20ft)
  • 9118mm (30ft)
  • 12185mm (40ft)


  • 2430 mm


  • 500mm (frame only)

Total height:

  • 2700mm (20′)

With sling:

  • 4400mm (30′)
  • 5500mm (40′)


  • 1200kg (20ft)

With wiresling:

  • 1550kg (40ft)


  • 32.000 kg – 40.000 kg (20 ft)
  • 40.000 kg (40ft)

Wire sling

Type: Galvanized steel wire with work

Diameter: certificate in accordance to SS-EN

Master ring: 13414-1:2004+A2:2008


  • 2 pcs of 2-part
  • 36-40mm
  • 300x200x50
  • Gunnebo

Paint specifications

According to C5-M.

Degreasing, Abrasive blasting to Sa 2.5, 80u EP, 160u PUR topcoat.

Color: RAL 1028 (Yellow).

Total painting thickness: total 240 microns



  • 2 pcs of 2-part
  • 36-40mm
  • 300x200x50
  • Gunnebo