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Truck Repair Shop

with many years experience gained from various types of service and repair assignments. Timars can also provide servicing and repairs on trucks and trailers. Whilst specialising on Magyar and Macola equipment, our workforce are also able to undertake service and repairs on most other brands of trucks and trailers. Specialist knowledge and experience within the field of oil transporting vehicles.

As a service technician or repairman for trucks and trailers, Timars has broad knowledge of the vehicle’s mechanical, electrical or hydraulic systems.
By providing reliable and professional truck and trailer service and repairs, we help ensure that customers’ vehicles continue to operate efficiently.

We perform:

  • Transfers
    Of most superstructures such as car transports, pressure vessels, petroleum tanks, cabinets etc
  • Pressure tests:
    In collaboration with KIWA, we carry out tank inspections such as 3 and 6 year checks.
  • Braking system:
    We carry out diagnostics of ABS/EBS and ECAS made by WABCO and HALDEX.

We carry out all kinds of repairs/renovations, conversions of existing superstructures and trailers. Together with our partner Industrilackering, we provide blasting and painting in connection with renovation/remodeling.
Broad knowledge within ADR vehicles.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we also offer drop-in service.