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Timars OHE frame is a fully electric overheight frame with the latest safety systems

It has been developed from Timars experience in producing the most efficient and safest overheight frames which are universal to be used with any kind of automatic spreader and spreader brand.

This overheight frame has been developed to meet the even more safety demands in ports which can include a hoist interlock system with wireless communication with the parent spreader. The Overheight frame will only work with spreaders that has installed a communication system with wireless communication to the overheight frame, see specification.  Please Note, wIthout the Hoist Interlock system there is no need for modifications on other equipment.

The connection between the spreader and the overheight frame will be like a regular container by the twistlocks of the spreaders. There is no other mechanical connection to the spreader and there is no need of manual operation for connecting or disconnecting the overheight frame. It can be left anywhere.