Overheight Frame

Fully electric overheight TIMARS OHE

Timars OHE frame is a fully electric overheight frame with the latest safety systems.

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Major features/

  • Solar panels
  • Floating twistlocks
  • Led Lights and sound signaling
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Single or Double Safety Pins
  • Wifi Connection and diagnosis

Lifting Capacity

  • 50 Tons

Free Height

  • 2700mm


Timars OHE frame is a fully electric overheight frame with the latest safety systems

It has been developed from Timars experience in producing the most efficient and safest overheight frames which are universal to be used with any kind of automatic spreader and spreader brand.

This overheight frame has been developed to meet the even more safety demands in ports which can include a hoist interlock system with wireless communication with the parent spreader. The Overheight frame will only work with spreaders that has installed a communication system with wireless communication to the overheight frame, see specification.  Please Note, wIthout the Hoist Interlock system there is no need for modifications on other equipment.

The connection between the spreader and the overheight frame will be like a regular container by the twistlocks of the spreaders. There is no other mechanical connection to the spreader and there is no need of manual operation for connecting or disconnecting the overheight frame. It can be left anywhere.



The Timars OHE-frame has two short side profiles and one center beam that are bolted together and are telescopic from 20ft up to 45ft (40ft is pre-set)

The body has gone through Finite Element Analysis to optimize the construction to make it strong but yet light. The frame is of course CE-approve according to the machinery directive. The spreader is in conformity with the following standard(s) or other normative document(s) following the provisions of Directive 2006/42/EG (machinery), annex 2. CE-labelled, SS-EN 13155+A2:2009 and SS-EN 15056:2006

Testload certificate from 20T for each “leg” under survey by Inspecta.


Build-in Safety systems

The Timars OHE-frame is an intelligent tool that helps the operator to take control of some possible external errors, such as parts that partly blocks the inside of the corner casting, shew corner castings, frame resting on one or several twislock(s), that may occur.

Safety Twistlock Blocking -system (STB-system):

The OHE-frame is equipped with landing probes which prevents the overheight frame mechanicly to lock the twistlocks unless the overheight frame is landed correctly. Each landing probe is also verified by an inductive sensor (IFM). When all landing probes are activated (Overheight frame landed correct) a LED-light (Yellow) will indicate this to the operator. To be able to lock and unlock the twistlocks of the overheight frame, all sensors must detects landed landing probes.  The overheight frame can also signal (for example by flashing light) if one or more landing probes fails (for example if one or more landing probes stays in the upper position after a set time)

Safety Torque Limitation -system (STL-system):

If one or more twistlocks are prevented to lock (for example if something is blocking the rotation in the corner casting of the container/flatrack) the twistlock will go back to the original position

Safety Twistlocks Emergency -system (STE-system):

Each twistlock of the OHA-frame can, when the frame is resting on its goods, manually by turned by hand or if slightly jammed by a standard tool. Due to the special design there is no risk of an incorrect position when putting it back to normal again.

Other equipment


LED-light which indicates Twistlocks open (Green), Twistlocks locked (Red), Overheight frame landed (Yellow). Note that other colours can be choosen and that the lights also can be used for indicating for example failed landing probes or failed twistlock position.


The robust PLC from IFM includes the program for operating the overheight frame. On a four color screen on the electrical cabinet the operators can get information about the voltage of the batteries, number of TEU handled, time in operation. There is also a smart service mode for easy fault search.


The overheight frame will operate by an internal 24V system. The batteries are located on the overheight frame in a protected position. The frame is equipped with a smart power saving system which means that it will not drain the batteries during normal use and will be able to keep loaded by just solarpanels. There is of course possibility to charge the batteries by cable which might be used during some conditions.

Option – Service communication

The OHE frame can be equipped with a modem for wireless communication with port engineers (or to Timars). With this system the operators can always get the exact position of the frame (by GPS) and also direct information about condition on batteries, number of TEU handled, time in operation and error messages.


to Parent spreader:          

The Timars overheight frame is fully compatible to any kind of parent spreader of ISO box base measures within 20-45ft length.

To use the option with the “Hoist Interlock system, the spreader has to have an installed wireless communication and program for Timars overheight frame.

Parent spreader must be allowed to telescope with locked twistlocks.

to its payload:          

The goods that is to be connected to the OHA-twistlocks must be of ISO box corners with same ISO c/c base measures as the OHA-frame. All four corners must be connected to the twistlocks of the OHA-frame.


(Infon nedan är kopierad från informationen i den nya broschyren)


  • 20ft, 40ft, telescopic 20-45 ft


  • 2800kg – 3000kg

Free Height:

  • 2,1m, 2,4m, 2,7m

Total Height:

  • Free height + 0,95m

  • 50T


  • According to C5-M
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