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Timars can also provide servicing and repairs on trucks and trailers.
Our workforce are highly skilled with many years experience gained from various types of service and repair assignments. Whilst specialising on Magyar and Macola equipment, our workforce are also able to undertake service and repairs on most other brands of trucks and trailers.
• Specialist knowledge and experience within the field of oil transporting vehicles.
• Structural repair and refurbishment of cracks, corrosion and reinforcements.
• Transposition of tanks
• Diagnosis and repair of ABS, EBS and ECAStimars magyar
• Completion of tank surveys in conjunction with ‘Inspecta’
• High knowledge within ADR classification
• We can offer surface treatment and protection for trucks and trailers in conjunction with painting contractor.
Don’t hesitate to contact us when you are servicing and repairs on your vehicle. We can offer a drop in service.


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Henrik Sunnenell
Vehicle Repairshop Manager
Spare parts 

Tfn. 0346-715907
Mob. 0708870201




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