Timars Svets & Smide AB


Timars Svets & Smide AB manufactures and sells:

  • Cargo-handling equipment for ports and vessels

  • Fish processing equipment for grading, storing, freezing and packaging fish

  • System solutions for management and transportation of all bulk material

  • Customer specific welding products

  • Locally repairs, service and subcontracted work

Timars Svets & Smide AB started in  1976 by Timar Gustavsson and is today owned by Mikael Strandh and Peter Stenbeck. Timars Svets & Smide AB has today 25 employees and the turnover is app. 50 million SEK.

Timars Svets & Smide AB has a 4500m2 workshop located in Falkenberg in Sweden. Our welders have EN-welding licenses and the company is certified according to quality standard ISO 9001:2008 and environmental standard ISO 14001:2004 and for welding according to ISO 3834-2

Timars Svets & Smide has the highest credit rating, see AAA-rating.

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