Quality and environmental certification


Timars is certified according to quality management assurance system ISO 9001:2008 and to ISO 14001:2004 environment management assurance system. Below mentioned policies has been setup implemented.

Quality policy

Timars commits to our customers' requirements and expectations to always be fulfilled and hopefully surpassed. Our goal is to always deliver the correct product within the promised delivery date, and providing our customers an added value which means that our customers recommend us to others.

We also strive to always find and implement improvements in our products and processes.

This we shall carry through:

• Listening to our customers and other intressents (suppliers, government agencies, industry stakeholders)
• Listening to and involving all our employees in the improvement process
• To ensure that our employees have the right skills for their tasks (skill, knowledge and experience) and to constantly develop and take advantage of them.
• To work in a structured and well thought out and with clarity in all areas and processes.
• To seek to take decisions based on facts

We are convinced that in this way obtain the best advice from our customers.

Environmental policy

Timars constantly working to evaluate and improve our environmental performance and thus reduce our impact on the environment. We are structured and with a well thought out environmental work. We do this through:

• Comply with environmental laws and regulations applicable to our business,
• Work to prevent pollution of air, soil and water from our operations,
• Reduce waste and manage the resulting waste in environmentally manner;
• Reduce energy and resource consumption,
• Involve all employees in environmental work,
• Passing out our environmental standards to our suppliers and seek to influence them to reduce their environmental impact;

The results of our environmental work creates good conditions for reduced environmental impact and sustainable business development

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