Fish process Reception station


Timars can offer a complete reception station for fish or herring. From pumping fish from RSW-tanks on-board the vessel into the processing plant. In the plant the fish can be stored in cooled tanks or pumped directly into the fish grading system. Once graded, the fish can be processed further through the freezing system.

When the vessel is in port it hooks-up to the station using a hose to the connection point. The fish are then pumped into the plant with a specially designed hose pump. The pumping process is very gently on the fish and has exceptionally high capacity and very low power consumption. The waste water can be pumped in return to the boat or elsewhere through a dewatering unit.
When storing the fish, the plant can be equipped with storage tanks with volume up to 60 cubic meters. The tanks can be used with chilled water, flow ice or cooling system. The storage tanks are often equipped with a weighing device.
In the reception station the fish or herring can be graded using the Timars Roller Grader.

Once grading is complete, the fish can be transported and pumped to the freezing plant, where the fish are frozen in blocks and automatically palletised.
The whole reception station can be customized to meet the client’s demands. Timars guarantee a high quality station which will satisfy the operator requirements.


Fish process Reception station

Fish process Reception station 2

Fish process Reception station 3

Fish process Reception station 4


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