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New website soon to be launched

Timars will launch a new website during the fall 2017. The new website will be easier to explore and contain more information about Timars products and what Timars can offer. Thank you for your indulgence. 


Overheight frames to Malta Freeport

Timars recently delivered two new electrical Overheight frames type Timars OHE to Malta Freeport. The frames are fully automatic and telescopic from 20ft to 45ft with 2,6m free height under the midbeam. 

The two Overheight frames is one of several orders for Timars container spreaders during the last quarter of 2016. Other orders to be mentioned are Timars C-lift to Indonesia and Russia and a total amount of seven Timars HCA spreaders to two ports in Algeria. In Norway there are deliveries of two units HCL-spreaders as well as a special lifting frame for reachstackers. 


Timars gained another order from the Swedish Defence Material Administration

Timars has redently won another tender from the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV). The order contained modification of 40 units of Bridge Terrain vehicles. The modification is mainly based on extending the expected lifetime for the vehicles with 20 years. 

The work will be go on until the second half of 2017. 



Latest orders on Timars Port Equipment

Timars Port Equimpent have had a great start for 2016 with many orders both from new and former customers. Among the orders to are Timars Gravity Centrelizer to French Guyana, 40ft C-lift to Peru and 30ft HCL-spreaders to Sweden and many more. 

In the end of April, we were happy to deliver a second Timars OHA to Europort in Rauma. They bought one Timars OHA ten years ago (which is still in operation), but they were in need for another frame and choose Timars OHA telescopic with 2,1m free height. 



Timars delivers three specially equipped flatbeds for the Swedish Defence Material Administration

Timars recently develloped and manufactured three specially equipped flatbeds for the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV).

The flatbeds is equipped with a hydraulic platform and heating system for de-frosting bridges. 


Large orders from Randek and Cflow

Timars has recently gained large orders from Norwegian partner Cflow and Falkenberg company Randek.

Randek develops, manufactures and sells high performance machines and systems for prefabricated house manufacturing and due to an increased sale they have chosen to place manufaturing at Timars workshop and relies in Timars high competence in welding and quality program. Welding, painting and assembling of the machines is performed. 

Cflow is a close partner to Timars Fishprocess Equipment and has chosen to place production of new sliding buldheads for new salmon vessels to Norway. Welding in stainless steel and assembling with high demands in quality and finish. 



Timars Offset frame to GCT (Yilport)

Timars recently delivered a new Offset frame to Gävle Container Terminal (GCT, Yilport). The Offset frame will make it possible for GCT to increase efficiency and safety when handling the 20ft containers closest to the bridge on the vessels. 

Another Offset frame will be delivered to ECT Terminal in Rotterdam in September and the interest for the Timars Offset frame continue to grow. 


Timars is a member of PEMA

Timars is now a proud member of PEMA - Port Equipment Manufacturers Association. 

PEMA was established in late 2004 by a group of leading equipment manufacturers serving the global port and terminal markets. Today, PEMA´s members represent a broad cross-section of companies active in the design and supply of equipment, systems and technology to support the growing demands of modern port and terminal operations. 

For more information: 


Long lifetime for Timars spreaders

Timars offers service, repair and maintenance on all our container spreaders and overheight frames. This can be performed on operators site or, as in this case, in Timars workshop in Falkenberg, Sweden. Recently we received two old C-lift spreaders from Hallands Hamnar in Varberg for refurbishment. The 40ft C-lift turned 30 years old this year and it was time to do a "make over". All parts where checked and in some cases replaced (with Timars original parts of course) and repaired and the spreader got a nice facelift with new painting. The spreader also went through our quality program and was test loaded in our special test frame under surveillance of Inspecta.

The 20ft C-lift spreader next to it was "only" 17 years old, but took the oppurtunity to follow the older one to our workshop.

Please dont hesitate to contact Timars for a quotation on service, repair or refurbishment on your own Timars products.


Timars delivers new type of Overheight Frame to Port of Felixstowe

Swedish spreader manufacturer Timars has delivered three new types of Overheight frames to Port of Felixstowe in UK. The Overheight frames are a new type of electromechanical Overheight frame which is a result of Timars long experience in manufacturing efficient and safe frames and new technology possibilities. Port of Felixstowe has also been an important part of the development which includes a new safety system with Hoist Interlock. The Overheight frame communicates wireless to the crane and spreader and the safety system prevents hoisting if the Overheight frame can’t assure a secure lift. The Overheight frame is also equipped with LED-lights for twistlock indication and confirmed landing.

The electric system is built with high quality parts including linear actuators in alloy steel and controller and color display from IFM. The Overheight frames can also be equipped with the new control system for service where the overheight frame sends information to engineering (or other interests in the port). Engineering can get information on the computer or smartphone about battery status, accumulative time in operation, number of TEU operated, current position and potential error messages.

The electrical system is a smart solution where the frame goes into sleep mode with extremely low power consumption and thereby will save battery. The solar panels on top of the frame is enough to keep the battery capacity during normal use.

Lifting capacity is SWL50T and the frame can be used with any kind of spreader and spreader brand. It is also telescopic from 20-45ft and the frames delivered to Port of Felixstowe had 2,6m free height.

Timars has before also developed and delivered unique Offset Frames for picking 20ft containers close to the bridge of the vessel, 1,5m offset from the normal crane spreader. These Offset frames has also the latest safety system including the Hoist Interlock system and has been proven a success in the port. The Offset frames are fully automatic and has given Port of Felixstowe increased efficiency and safer handling on containers close to the bridge on the vessels. Lifting capacity up to SWL40T.

For more information about Timars OHE-frame and Timars Offset, see Port Equipment on Timars website


New possibillities with Timars Fish process equipment

Within Timars we regularly strive to improve our products based on our own and our customers experience. Our large experience within producing reliable fish processing machines have now been supplemented with new technology and now we can offer roller grader machines with automatic control of the rollers, tilt the table and gradings. Through a simple touchscreen operator can change the settings on the machine or select preset programs and thus obtain a more efficient and reliable grading.

Nowadays, we can also offer systems for continuous weighing of fish. We can offer conveyors for fast and accurate weighing of the entire catch after it has been pumped through our water separator or that we mount weighing on conveyor belts after grading.

Do not hesitate to contact Timars for more information.


Timars gains certification according to ISO 3834

Timars has gained certification from DNV for meeting the requirments in ISO 3834-2 (the highest level). Since over 12 years, Timars have been certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and are proud to now also be certified according to ISO 3834. The certification means that Timars welders have the correct welding licence and that the customer can rely on that Timars will deliver the correct welding quality. Timars has appointed Peder Jonsson (IWS level) as authorised welding coordinator and all Timars personell have also been trained to evaluate weldings according to ISO 5817.


Busy 4th quarter in 2014 for Timars

Timars experienced a very busy second half of 2014 with many deliveries in all product areas. No area have had any dips and production have been more than filled since summer. 

Timars Port Equipment gained orders on three new types of fully automatic overheight frames for Port of Felixstowe in UK with a new type of operation system and also a new type of safety system. There have also been deliveries of spreaders to Turkey (C-lifts, Overheight frames and Gravity Centrelizers) and to OEM like Liebherr and Ludesher Cable Crane. A good sign of satisfied customers are when they come back with repeat orders and lately Timars gained repeat orders from Russia, Jersey (UK) and Doha (Qatar) on C-lift spreaders, HCA spreaders and Timars Gravity Centrelizer. 

Timars fish process equipment have delivered a new grading line for Mackerel to European Seafood Investment in Peniche, Portugal. A highly efficient vibration grader including a hopper and an elevator. We have also manufactured a third roller grader for live salmon together with other equipment to C-flow in Norway. 

Timars have also manufactured another automatic machine for producing wooden pallets to LB Maskiner and manufactured machines for prefabrication house manufacturing for Randek in Falkenberg. 

The Swedish Defense has been a regular customer for Timars and so also during the end of 2014 with orders on special winches for the Airdivision. The winch is able to pull 12 tons and can reach up to 60 meter. 

Everybody at Timars are very satisfied with 2014 and we are looking forward to 2015. 

We would like to thank all our customers and partners and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


Meet Timars at TOC America in Cartagena

Timars will have a stand at TOC America in Cartagena, Colombia. The event takes place on the 14th of October until the 16th of October. At Timars stand you will be able to meet Joakim Carlsson, Product Manager of the Timars Port Equipment, and Peter Stenbeck, Timars Sales and Marketing Manager. For more information see TOC webpage: www. 


Latest orders on Timars Port Equipment

Timars Port Equipment is well known for the high quality and reliable and efficient container handling. And that reputation has gained several orders this year.

Timars semi-automatic spreaders (Timars C-lift, Timars HCL and Timars HCA) have been delivered to operators in Russia, Spain, Costa Rica, Norway and USA amongst others. Several of those spreaders equipped with Timars Gravity Centrelizer.

And the fully automatic overheight frame, Timars OHA, continues to gain interest from many terminals. With deliveries to Poland, Estonia, Sweden and Turkey amongst others.

Recently, Timars also gained an order of three new overheight frame to Port of Felixstowe. This will be a new type of overheight frame with the newly developed "Hoist Interlock system". A more advanced overheight frame with more safety featuers than any other overheight frame without losing the efficiency. These frames will be delivered in November 2014.  


Latest orders for Timars fishprocessequipment

Interest in Timars fish processing equipment has been very high in the spring of 2014, with several large deliveries. Among the orders is a vibrationgrader to Bradava in Latvia to grade herring and a fish pump (type LSM) to Tallona on Sturkö to pump the herring from the vessel to the receptionstation.

Currently we are completing a second rollergrader for live salmon. This will be placed on the boat adjacent to salmon farms in Norway.

Recently Timars also delivered a smaller rollergrader with hopper, elevator and conveyors for Guldhaven fishing in Kalix. The machine has seven rolls, and the main purpose of the machine is to grade vendace, but it will also be used to grade herring.

Sorting of vendace and herring requires extreme precision and rollers that are straight with very small tolerances. Supplying grading tables with four meter long rolls and with very small tolerances are Timars exceptionally good at, which makes our equipment to stands out.

For more information about Timars Fishprocessequipment, dont hesitate to contact Joakim Carlsson


Orders for FMV and Carlsberg

In the first months of 2014 were Timars again gained orders for special products to FMV (the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration). This time it is through Swecon and Timars develops and delivers tools pallets for armored backhoe and Mobile towing winches.

The first order is for 20pcs custom tool pallets of three different types for equipment to the backhoes. The second order is for mobile winches units for adaptation to the backhoes. Intended to winch aircraft and helicopters, and other vehicles.

Moreover Timars developed and delivered a new semi-automatic ark feeder for Carlsberg's facility in Falkenberg. The machine increases efficiency and improves the working environment in the can production line.


Nice looking truck building from Timars

Timars has finalized an order from Eliassons Åkeri on construction of two units DAF trucks. The trucks have been equipped with running boards, high-gloss polished stainless-designed side panels with removable ladder and fittings, hydraulic, compressor, oil cooler and overflow protection. On the side sits a spacious, high-gloss polished stainless equipment cabinets. Behind the cab console with hooks for hanging the hose and gear and chassis ends with practical holder for snow chains.


TIMARS – A successful business transition!

Peter Stenbeck and Mikael Strandh has acquired TIMARS Svets & Smide AB, Timars Trade AB and Filtrator Värme & Ventilation AB, all based in Falkenberg, Sweden. TIMARS, was founded in year 1976 by mr Timar Gustavsson. Today it has 27 employees and manufactures and sells lifting equipment for container handling, fish process equipment other tailor made logistic solutions for enterprises, government defense organisations, defense industries and other organisations.

Mikael Strandh, CEO, started in year 1986 and Peter Stenbeck, Vice President Sales, six year later. We have strong feelings for our company, our employees, customers and others involved so when we together with Timar started this change-of-generation four years ago it was of course a big decision both financially and responsibility but it felt natural, Peter says.
TIMARS has recently among other things developed a new machine for grading of fresh salmon, a special offset spreader for handling of containers omboard vessels equipped with loading lids, a special pallet for accessoires to a blastern proofed defense tractor digger, Mikael continous. It is of course an thrilling challenge but the transition past new year will not lead to any immediate changes although that we want to colour it with our personal touch. Timar will work as a consultant on case by case business, Mikael ends.


Timars Port Equipment made a strong 2013

Sale was strong during year 2013 and Timars spreaders was delivered to all continents of the world. 

The development never stops at Timars and during 2013 we developed a new fully automatic Offset frame and new safety features options for Timars OHA - fully automatic overheight frame. Timars constant following up on the products (which also includes customer satisfaction measurements) clearly shows that it is not strange that Timars has many customers who comes back with repeat orders. The quality and reliability from Timars gets the highest ratings in evaluations. We believe that satisfied customers and efficient, safe and reliable products is the most important aspects of delivering port equipment. 

Examples of customers coming back for Timars products are several operators in Russia. In the end of 2013 Timars delivered five C-lift spreaders and three Gravity Centrelizers to former customers in Vladivostok. Another example is Chiquita who made their third repeat order on HCL spreaders and the special HCL 40ft lowlift spreader. 

Among the new customers are Midocean in the middle east and Bulyanhulu Goldmine who have discovered the benefits of Timars Gravity Centrelizer. Timars has also delivered several new Timars OHA to new customers with recent deliveries to Colombia and Turkey. 

For more information about Timars products, do not hesitate to contact Joakim Carlsson



New type of grading machine for salmon

Timars has developed a new type of roller grading machine for live salmon to Norway. The new grading machine will be delivered in November and will be installed on a new build boat. The live salmon will be pumped to the top of the grading machine where the water is separated from the fish. Then the salmon will be graded into two sizes and there will also be a first grading of small fish. The machine will be very gentle to the fish and it can be fully operated automatically. The purchaser, Cflow AS, will make the full installation on the boat which will also include fish counters, pumps and piping.

Cflow AS in Norway has earlier in 2013 ordered water separators and a special designed pumping pipe for salmon cultivations.



New distributor in the Netherlands

Timars are pleased to present Mourik & Snoei Kraanservice as our distributor for Port Equipment in the Netherlands. Mourik & Snoei has a long experience within the market and can also offer fast and proffesional service and maintenance.


Strong first six months of 2013 for Timars Port Equipment

The interest in Timars smart port Equipment contineus and espacially for Timars OHA - fully automatic overheight frames. With new deliveries to ports in Europe, The Middle East and South America. Timars OHA has received alot of credit for the efficiancy and reliabillity and among the new latest news are LED lights for twistlock indications and Landing probes as well as an intergrated hoist interlock system with wireless crane communication.

Timars fixed semi-automatic spreaders is also known for the high quality and has gained orders from Iraq, Costa Rica, Russia, Norway, USA and UK. Recently Chiquita placed a repeat order of six HCL spreaders with the special low lift system through our US-distributor Buffers USA.

Several of Timars fixed spreaders has also been delivered with Timars Gravity Centrelizer.

For more information, please dont hesitate to contact Joakim Carlsson.  


Timars delivers load moduls to Swedish Defence Material Administration

Timars has received an order to FMV (the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration) on specially designed load modules. Load modules have been adapted to suit the tracked carts Timars previously developed and delivered to FMV. They are built in three different designs and are intended to tranpsport equipment for communication.

Timars together with Mulit Modal Development developed the structure and its design.
In the first stage, a total of 11 pieces of units will be delivered, but the order consists of a framework agreement until 2017.

Delivery of the first eleven units takes place during spring 2013.


Timars portequipment makes record year in 2012

Timars Port Equipment experienced a very good year in 2012 with record amount of deliveries. Already the first half of 2012 had more sale than the whole 2011 and during the second half of the year the orders continued to increase. The start of 2013 has been extremely good and Timars quality reputation is spreading all over the world which leads to more orders from both excisting and new customers.

Among the deliveries in the end of 2012 was:

Seven semi-automatic spreaders to Russia, which continue to be a strong market for Timars. Among these spreaders were Timars C-lift and a new 10ft HCA-spreader. Also three units of Timars Gravity Centrelizer were included.

Several units of Timars overheight frames, both semi-automatic and fully automatic. Among the customers was Port of Norrkoping in Sweden and a couple of spreader manufactures and crane manufactures in the world with end-users in both Europe and South America.

One Lashing cage to Halmstad Hamn in Sweden which means that Timars Lashing cage is in operation in most of the container ports in Sweden.


Timars makes two fishprocessequipment deliveries to Finland

In the end of 2012 Timars made two deliveries of fishprocessequipment to Finland.

To the fish port in Taivassalo Timars delivered a fish pump with hoses and a dewater unit for separating the pumped fish from the water in the tanks. The delivery also included a hopper and an elevator to the existing fish grader machine.

To the fish port in Reeposaari Timars delivered a fish pump installed in a isolated container with heating. The delivery also included a dewaterunit with extra height for releasing to tanktrailers and to fish bins.

Timars fishprocessequipment are well known for its quality and reliabillity in Finland.


Busy summer for Timars port equipment

Timars Port Equipment has experienced a very busy year this far with last years sale already outperformed. The strongest market during summer was Russia with twelve Timars C-lift container spreaders and four gravity Centrelizers.

Among the other orders and deliveries are:

Four HCL spreaders to US including a repeat order on two units 40ft low lift versions to Chiquita.

Orders on Timars C-lift to Denmark, Thailand and Indonesia

Timars OHA - fully automatic overheight frame to Sodertalje Port in Sweden and three units to Batu Hijau Mine on Sumbawa in Indonesia. The overheight frames in Indonesia will be operated with Terex Reachstackers at the mines port and at the workshops.



New orders from the Swedish defence material administration

Timars continues to gain orders from FMV (The Swedish Defence Material Administration) and the latest order includes four refuellingmodules to airplanes. FMV is known as a customer with high demands on quality which suits Timars very well and has lead to that FMV is one of Timars largest customers in last year´s.

The new refuellingmodules will be delivered in September.

Timars has also developed a special machine for AJ Produkter. The machine will automatically measure and cut carpets. The machine will be installed in July.


Timars at TOC Europe in Antwerp in June

Timars have been a regular exhibitor at TOC Europe for many years and 2012 is no exception. Visitors are welcome to meet us at stand F2 to discuss the latest product news for Timars port equipment, such as the fully automatic overheight frame or the newly develloped automatic offset frame.

See you in Antwerp!


Timars will have a stand at European Seafood Processing

Timars will have a stand at the exhibition "European Seafood Processing 2012" in Brussels in the end of April. There you will have a chance to meet Timars perssonell and discuss Timars products within Fishprocess equipment. The exhibition is from 24th of April until the 26th of April and Timars will be found at stand 4-6345. For more information, see 


Timars deliveres a new generation tank setup for Carlsberg

Timars has together with MAGYAR designed and delivered to CARLSBERG a new generation of multimodal tank setup. The delivery consists of 6pcs tank swap container of 11.000 liter in 3 compartments and is certified and approved to go on road and rail to form a new logistic concept to a more flexible and higher efficiency. The unit is self supported with a power unit, compressed air, CO2 bottle and regulator system, Webasto heating system, fuel, pumping unit and 70m hose reels and therefore needs no control during transport and can distribute beer without external needs. The swap container is equipped with corner castings, fork lift pockets, grappler arms and foldable retractable and adjustable unique legs. The tank has the highest insulation factor on the market today in order to preserve the good quality of the beer and all information regarding the tour, clients and beer types and each action is stored in to a ARS computer for easy transfer between the unit and accounts department for invoicing or simply a ticket printed at each delivery. Timars has also equipped and tested the four rigid chassis that carries the swap tanks.



Latest orders for Timars Portequipment

Timars port equipment division experienced great sales during the end of last year and the interest for Timars smart solutions continue to increase.

Timars unique Gravity Centrelizer had a record year in 2011 with many units to new customers who has found the great advantages and possibilities with this equipment. Deliveries have been all over the world with the latest going to New Caledonia, Qatar and Colombia.

SARL on New Caledonia did also order overheight frames, Timars C-lift and Timars HCL-spreaders in 2011. And Timars HCL spreaders was also delivered in a repeat order to Puerto Calders in Costa Rica and to Norway.

Timars OHA has increased its popularity since the release of the latest version. The beginning of 2012 saw deliveries to Felixstowe in UK, Buenos Aires in Argentina and Montevideo in Uruguay.

Do not hesitate to contact Timars for your own prospect or why not meet us at TOC in Antwerp or Panama in June and November.


Timars delivers new drawbar trailers for ARLA FOODS

Timars won the tender for 10pcs drawbar trailers for milk transportation for ARLA FOODS in Sweden. The 4-axle trailer from MAGYAR has volume of 26.000 liters in 1 compartment. Other equipment such as P-Light, overfilling system, Super Single axle and internal C.I.P line is mounted. The trailers were all delivered during first half of this year.


Timars expands: New workshop facilities

Timars has expanded the workshop facilities with 1250 square meters. The new factory was built during summer and in September production started. It is located just next to Timars current facilities and will be mostly dedicated to assembling of Timars products such as port equipment. This will be a clean production line and the building is also raised in the same environmental thoughts that are significative for Timars. Warmed by earth heat pump and the lights are the latest LED technique to keep the energy consumption to a minimum. Timars also have plans for raising windpower stations on the site and since before the water is heated by solar panels.

The new facilities are important step in Timars development and the expansion is a need to meet the customers increased interest in Timars products.


Timars at Vaxjo Krandagar 2011

Timars will have a stand at Vaxjo Krandagar at Vaxjo Koncerthall on 9-10th of november. Vaxjo Krandagar is arranged by Inspecta in cooperation with Swedish Ports association. For more information se


New fishprocess equipment to Finland and Estonia

Timars gained two large orders on fish-process equipment this summer with a reception station with grading machine to Käldinge fishport in Finland and a grading machine to Haapsalu in Estonia.

The machines to Finland include fishpump, de-watersystem, isolated hopper with elevator and a Timars Grading master type - L (Vibration grader). The capacity of the system is app. 15000 kg/hour (herring and sprat). There will be five grading underneath and one receiver at the end of the machine.

The machines will be installed in Käldinge in week 37.

The order to Haapsalu in Estonia is for grading Baltic herring and sprat. Timars will deliver a hopper (2500 litre) with elevator, a Timars Grading Master type - LR (Rollergrader) with 17 rollers and a capacity up to 12 tons per hour. The total length of this system is less then 9m due to lack of space.


Latest orders for Timars portequipment

Timars have experienced a very good order stock this far in 2011 and has gained many orders from both new and former customers. The sale for the first six months in 2011 has already passed the sale for the whole year of 2010 (port equipment) and there are no tendencies of slowing down. Some orders to be mentioned:

Four unit of Timars Gravity Centrelizers to Abu Adel in Doha Qatar.

Timars C-lift spreader equipped with Timars Gravity Centrelizer to Russia. This spreader equipped with the Gravity Centrelizer continues to be a great success in Russia and are highly appreciated.

Six units of Timars HCL spreader will be delivered to Sherritt oil and two of theirs facilities on Cuba. These spreaders have been fully hot dip galvanized for even longer lifetime.

Four C-lift spreaders to Sirlab in Wenniba, Ghana. Sold through our partner Kalmar West Africa.

We have also repeated orders on Timars OHA - fully automatic overheight frames to Noumea in New Caledonia and to St. Petersburg in Russia. The latest version of this overheight frame has been a great success and is now gaining more and more market shares.


Swedish defence place new orders to Timars

FMV, The Swedish Defence Material Administration, has once again put their faith in Timars and placed two large orders.

Timars delivered three sets of mobile fuelsystems back in 2007 and now FMV has ordered two more sets. Every set consists of one pump container and six units 20 cubic meter storagecontainers. The equipment is supposed to be used internationally in NBG11 troop.

Timars recently also won another tender to FMV on a delivery of 106 special trailers. The trailers are aimed for transportation of different kinds and will be mainly used with tracked vehicles. They will be used on roads, in forests, on snow and in water. They will also be used internationally.







New deliveries to windpowerfoundations

Timars has a wide competence and delivers smart solutions within many different areas. Recently Timars have developed a new bolt solution with Mobjers Entreprenad to foundations to windpowerstations. And the result has been a great success with many new project coming during 2011.


Latest orders on Timars Portequipment

Timars keeps getting an increasingly amount of orders on port equipment. Among the latest orders are:

Timars C-lift spreaders to Russia (sold by Roxor Industries), Europort Terminaux in Rouen (sold by Francetruck) and six units to Kenya Port Authorities. Spreaders to Russia and France has also been equipped with Timars Gravity Centrelizer. The Gravity Centrelizer can also be delivered without a spreader which has been done by SMART at Mayotte outside the east coast of Africa.

Overheight frames keeps getting new users and Timars OH has recently been delivered to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and also ordered by Malarhamnar in Sweden. The fully automatic Timars OHA has recently been delivered to Timars most far away customer yet at New Caledonia.


For more information on Timars Port Equipment, please contact Joakim Carlsson 



Timars fishprocessequipment going strong

Timars fishprocessequipment had a great year in 2011 with many deliveries to both old and new customers. And 2011 have started good as well. Among the newest orders are:


Grading machine to Stoerkoe in Sweden. An upgraded vibration grader with destrainer and Timars hosepump LSM 4´´. The equipment will be delivered in January 2011. The grader has a capacity of 15ton/hour and is being fed directly from the vessel through de-waterunit without any need of either hopper or elevator.


INOK nv Antwerpen has placed an order of a rollergrader, Timars grading master type 103x6x2546. The grader will be installed on the Russian vessel King Bass in June


For more information about Timars fishprocessequipment please contact Timar Gustavsson or Karin Gustavsson.


Timars delivers steel foundations to wind power stations

Timars deliveres steel foundations to Vestas wind power stations through Mobjer entrepranad. The first foundations was delivered to 5 towers at Gummarasen in Varberg, Sweden.



Port equipment - Latest product news

Timars has developed a new low cost semi-automatic container spreader.

Timars has always offered high quality spreader with high efficiency, safety and easy operation as a leading star. Every detail and component on the spreader is made for long lifetime and every part is taken into consideration when it comes to deliver a good spreader. Though, there are customers that don't need the most efficient spreader nor handle as many containers as many other operators. They want a safe and reliable spreader to a good price. Timars has developed a new spreader to fit this demand. The new spreader is as simple as it gets, without neglecting the true Timars quality. And the new spreader can be delivered in parts for easy assembling in port. By this we can deliver the spreaders inside containers and cut the freight cost with up to 80%


Another product news that recently has been added is landing indicator to the Timars OHA. 

Timars OHA is equipped with several safety systems and landing pins is one of them. The landing pins blocks the twistlocks from locking if the overheight frame is not landed correctly upon the container. Now we can also offer indicator lights that clearly shows the operator when the overheight frame is landed correctly. 



New type of container spreader among the summer deliveries

During a intensive summer with many deliveries for Timars Port equipment a new type of Timars Spreader was manufactured. A container spreader for handling 40ft containers with a crane with limited free height. The new spreader (based on the HCL-spreader principle) has upper lifting points in 20ft position and lower lifting points at 40ft position. This construction gives the spreader a very low total height (wiresling included).

Three spreaders of this new type was recently delivered to USA through Buffers USA.  

 During summer Timars has also delivered several Timars C-lift spreader to Turkey, Finland, Colombia and Russia. Some of them have been delivered with Timars Gravity Centrelizer. This unique equipment for handling unevenly loaded containers keeps a strong interest and was also recently delivered to Houston, Texas.



Full activity for ”Customer specified welding products”

Timars workshop has a great flexibility and competence in many different areas. Several project within the range "Customer  specified welding products" is always in succession. Among the recent projects are:


New stop beams for trains ordered from Multi Modal Development to PEAB, Malmo station

Steam chimney for Falkenbergs Ror for delivery at Getinge Industries

Special container with intergrated loadersystem for NCC

Stainless tanks for bulk materials


To meet the increased inquiries in this area, the machinery park has been upgraded. A new milling cutter has been installed recently and last year was a new lathe and a new edging press installed.

Don't hesitate to contact Mikael Svensson for your own prospect.


Timars C-lift to Russia and Ukraine

Timars Russian distributor, Roxor Industries, has recently gained new orders of Timars C-lift spreaders and Timars Gravity Centrelizers to Russia and Ukraine. The total amount of six spreaders and three gravity centrelizers will be delivered in the end of March.

Timars products keeps its strong position in Russia and the C-lift with the Gravity Centrelizer, for handling unevely loaded containers, has for several years been a great succes there.


Seward Wyon is Timars new partner in UK

Timars are proud to present the Bath based Specialist Engineering company Seward Wyon as their new UK distributor for the Timars range of port equipment.

Established in 1981, Seward Wyon have worked worldwide predominantly within the ports and marine sectors and have built a first class reputation providing Specialist Engineering Design, Fabrication, Heavy Lifting/Rigging, Crane Inspections/surveys, Crane Refurbishment, Modification and Relocation.

Seward Wyon will also be able to offer the service and maintenance of all Timars products in the UK.

For more information please contact Mr. Joakim Carlsson at Timars or Mr. Matt Chard at Seward Wyon.


Fishprocess equipment to Finland

Timars has recently gained an order of fishprocessequipment to Finland. The order consist fishpump, vibration grader and dewater unit. The fish will be pumped directly from the quay to the facilities which will make the handling of the fish efficient and merciful.

The purchaser is in Taivassalo, Finland.


Timars in Container Management Dec-2009



Several new orders to the Swedish defence

Timars is a highly rated supplier to the Swedish defence and has recently gained several new orders.

Timars delivered 20 units tugboattrolleys in 2004 and has now modified these to work with a new bridgesystem. These modifications was made during fall 2009.

Another modification order was recently performed on 20 units IBC transportation tanks (1000 litre). Timars supplied the Swedish defence with these tanks in 2007 and has now improved there range of usage.

Another order is also gained on meassuringsystems to special fuelsystems.



New version on Timars OHA

Timars OHA has been a big success since it was introduced on the market and it is in operation in ports all over the world. Even if the overheight frame has many satisfied customers, Timars works with thought that everything can always be better. Quality, efficiency and safety is Timars lodestar and Timars OHA offers the operators a safe and fast handling of flatracks and open top containers which they can rely on. 

And now we release a new updated version on the overheight frame with several improvements. The improvements makes the overheight frame even more fail proof and easier to maintain, but there are also improvements on the strength of the frame.

We are proud to present this new version of this successful product, Timars OHA. Dont hesitate to contact Timars for a quotation.  



Timars gains new order on palletizing machine

Timars has gained a new order on a palletizing machine, type L3000. This machine is fully automatic for producing pallets. This is the third machine of this type that Timars delivered this year to LB-Maskiner.




New partners at Timars

Timars owners Peter Stenbeck Timars Gustavsson Mikael Svensson 

Timars Svets & Smide AB, Falkenberg has got new partners and board of directors.  Ceo Mikael Svensson and sales & marketing manager Peter Stenbeck has signed a partnership agreement with Mr Gustavsson and purchased a part of the Timars company.

Timars Svets & Smide AB was founded in year 1976 by mr Timar Gustavsson and a part of the business has since then been focused on port handling equipment. Through the years the business has grown and today TIMARS has 25 employees and a turn over of 60MSEK and together with its sister company Timars Trade AB with a turn over of 32MSEK they are well known in their business. A part from the global sales of their own brands on container spreaders, personal cages, fish process equipment and as agent on tank vehicles from european tank manufacture number one TIMARS has gained quit a significant number of orders for the swedish defense and marine over the last years.

-"The company has reached a certain level and we are entering a new phase, mr Timar Gustavsson says".

Mikael and Peter has been long with the company and contributed highly to its development so it feels natural that we together have created a long-term solution for the future of the company and its staff. This has no impact on the company direction on the contrary our stakeholders will find it more positive that we have a long-term view, Timar ads.

-"We have struggled hard in the long economic crisis and even though managed to keep a fully occupied production and many new project and challenges are around the corner. First of all we are looking forward to erect a new assembly workshop due to that it has been over croaded in the workshop from time to time, ceo Mikael Svensson says".

Looking at the sales for a product segment we may see that a market or a product has reduced sales and at the same time new markets has arraised.

-" Now it is even more important to increase brand awareness and to explore the products, sales manager Peter Stenbeck says". Closest in time TIMARS will exhibit it lift handling equipment on a fair in Buenos-Aires in November and after this in Valencia.


New partners at Timars

Timars Svets & Smide AB, Falkenberg has got new partners and board of directors.  Ceo Mikael Svensson and sales & marketing manager Peter Stenbeck has signed a partnership agreement with Mr Gustavsson and purchased a part of the Timars company.


Timars delivers new tanktrailers to Foodtankers

Magyar tank trailer Timars FoodtankersFoodtankers in Karlshamn orders new tanktrailers. The tanks are for tranportation of edibles and are in series of 32650 liters and 40600 liters, both multi compartments. They are also equipped with Webasto heaters. Tha tanks are delivered during August.


New order for radiation protected container

After a succesful delivery of radiation protected containers to the Swedish defence. Radiation protected container

Timars has now gained another order of this special designed containers. The design that Timars has developed has succesfully been tested and now has Emicon in Lund ordered one meassure container for delivery to South Korea.


New orders of port equipment

Timars working cage/ lashing cageTimars continues to gain orders of port equipment. Among the summer orders are C-lifts to Tunisia and Russia and a working cage for the crane in Sodertalje port in Sweden.

The cage to Sodertalje port is special designed to their requirements and is equipped with gates on the short sides as well as on the long sides.

There are also new orders on overheight frames. Antofagasta port in Chile has ordered their third Timars OH - semi automatic overheight frame and there is also another order of one Timars OHA - fully automatic overheight frame to South America and Buenaventura in Colombia.



Several new orders for Timars overheight frames

Timars OHA overheight frameTimars fully automatic overheight frame (Timars OHA) has gained several new orders in the beginning of 2009. Among the new orders there are customers at the Faeroes, Livorno in Italy and Marseille in France. The product has become very successful and popular during the last years and the sale has constantly increased. For more information and your own prospect, contact Timars.


Timars C-lift to Saudi Arabia and Indonisia

c-lift container spreaderTimars C-lift spreaders popularity is still high and the latest deliveries is to Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. The spreaders is famous for their high efficiency, reliability and light construction. The visible twistlock indicators and the spring mounted guidearms makes this spreader highly rated among the operators.

These latest deliveries are delivered through two of Timars distributors, LTS and Time Line.  


New type of working cage to Russia

Timars has delivered three new cages for the Russian market. The new type of cage is specially designed for the Russain market and their demands. The cage is equipped with safety blocks and a centermounted box.


Timars has also gained an order of five working cage to be delivered to Malta Freeport.


Timars wins more orders to the Swedish defence

Timars has gained another order to FMV (Technology to the Swedish defence). The order contains four containers for lambasting torpedos. The containers will be delivered during the spring 2009.


Timars Gravity Centrelizer gains orders

Timars Gravity Centrelizer is continuous succesful and gains more orders than ever.

The patented spreader attachment for handling unevenly loaded containers was first intruduced on the market in 2001 and has since than gained many satisfied customers. This year the sale has increased even more with deliveries to Norway, Russia and Chile etc. See more information on 


Timars delivers two new ridgids for edibles/alcohol

Timars has sold two new ridgids for Foodtankers in Karlshamn, Sweden. The tank manufactured by french MAGYAR, european number one manufacturer, has 3 compartments and the total volume of 17500 litres for transportation of edibles and edible alcohol. The Volvo chassie has been prepaired and equipped by Timars workshop. Delivery takes place in september.



Used equipment on stock

Timars can sometimes offer used container spreaders. These spreaders is repaired, renovated and in good condition and sold to very good prices. Currently, there are two Timars C-lift on stock (one 20ft and one 40ft). Please contact Timars for a quotation.


New type of BTC spreader to Russia

Timars agent in Russia, Roxor Industries, has gained an order of three 10ft BTC spreader.

The spreaders will have automatic operation and SWL 35T. They will be delivered in the beggining of september. 


Timars will deliver two new trailers for ink

Timars has gained an order for two new ink-trailers to Flintgroup Sweden AB in Trelleborg. The tanktrailers has 6 compartments and the total volume of 35000 litres.



New deliveries of palletizing equipment from Timars

Timars has, in a short while, delivered three machnies for assembly of parts for the Norwegian and Swedish palette industry. The machnies, delivered to the palette manufactures saw bricks and nails it to the bar. Through high technology and a unique and solid design the palette manufactures has received some good piece of equipment.



Container management

Article in Container Management in 2006


Repeated order to El Salvador

Timars will deliver two new C-lift container spreaders to CEPA (Comision Ejecutiva Portuaria Autonoma) in Acajutla, El Salvador. CEPA already had two C-lifts that was delivered in 2006 and has now made a new order. The order is delivered through agent QuiMaqui in San Salvador.



Timars deliveres more tanktrailers for food

Timars delivers five new tanktrailers for food to Foodtankers Transport in Karlshamn. The tanks contain 32650 liters divided in three compartments. They are also equipped with Webastoheaters and pumping gear. The tanks will be delivered during April and May.



New agent for port equipment in Turkey

Yalco in Turkey has become Timars latest agent for port equipment. Timars products fit very well into Yalco product range and the fast growing Turkey market. Yalco has more than 20 years experience with port equipment and is a well known and appreciated dealer on the Turkish market. Now they will be able to offer light weight semi-automatic spreaders, working cage and gravity centrelizers for container handling. For more information about Yalco,



World Cargo News

Article from World Cargo News in 2006


New fish receptionstation to Finland

Timars has gained a new order from Finland on a complete receptionstation for fish. This station is to be built in Reposaari fishport in Bjorneborg. This is one of several new orders of fishprocess equipment in the beggining of 2008.



Repeated order on overheight frame to Hamburg

TimarsC.Steinweg in Hamburg has ordered one new unit Timars OHA, fully automatic overheight frame. Currently they have two units 40ft fixed overheight frame from Timars and has decided to invest in one 20ft fixed. The free overheight will be 2,4m. More information about Timars OHA:




Overheight frame to Saint Lucia

SLASPA ordered one unit Timars OHA fully automatic. The unit, which has 2,1m free overheight and is telescopic from 20-45ft, was delivered in August. This was the first Timars OHA to the Carrabien, but more will follow.


Timars manufactures new modal of stopbeam for trains

Timars has manufactured a new modal of stopbeam for trains. The stopbeam is developed by Multi Modal Development Sweden AB and will be tested at train stations in Stockholm.