Military Equipment


As a ‘Swedish Defence Materiel Administration FMV’ approved supplier, Timars ability to develop special purpose products at the quality levels demanded by the customer has ensured many successful projects have been completed over a number of years.
Timars have developed solutions for mobile fuel systems, tugboat trailers, containers for storing VP and for torpedoes. Among the specially designed containers are radiation protected containers.

In 2011, Timars was awarded an order to supply 106 bespoke trailers. The trailers have been designed and manufactured to suit various  transportation requirements and will be mainly used with tracked vehicles. They will be used on roads, forests tracks, on snow and in water. The trailers have been designed for use internationally.

In 2012, Timars continued to gain orders from the ‘Swedish Defence Materiel Administration FMV’ including the supply of four ground refuelling modules for aircraft.

2013 saw further success, with another large order for specially designed load modules. Load modules have been adapted to suit the tracked carts Timars previously developed and delivered to FMV. They are built in three varied designs and are intended to transport equipment for communication.

Timars working together with ‘Multi Modal Development’  completed the design and structure. The initial stage will involve the delivery of 11 units, however the contract consists of a framework agreement until 2017

In 2016 Timars gained another order from FMV. The order included modifications on 40 units of special Terrain vehicles. The modifications will extend the expected lifetime with 20 years. 


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