Lashing cage


Timars Lashing Cage (Container Top Safety Cage) allows personnel to gain safe access from ground level to stacked containers on board ship. The Lashing Cage is available in 20ft and 40ft sizes. The Lashing Cage is designed to suit ISO dimensions for containers, allowing standard twistlock connection to a 20ft or 40ft parent spreader.  Access to the cage at ground level is via an automatically locking door.  There is one door on each long side for the 20ft cage and two doors on each long side for the 40ft cage.  The sides of the cage have a 1 m high safety rail, with a secondary handrail on the inside to prevent crush accidents to operator hands. The floor plate is galvanized steel and has drainage holes. At the short sides of the cage the floor is 10 cm lower, and openings are provided in the corners of the cage to allow operators to access the corner boxes on the stacked containers. There is a 10 cm up stand to these corner openings to prevent equipment / tools from falling. The cage is equipped with a roof (except in the corners). In each upper corner of the cage is a safety chain providing a secondary connection for attaching to the spreader.

The cage can be equipped with tool storage boxes and hooks according to the customer’s requirements.

The cage is equipped with hooks for attaching safety harness points for working personnel. Standard is two hooks for 2 working personnel. The cage can be equipped with hooks for up to 8 persons. 




6,1m (20ft)
12m (40ft)





(Sling not included)

2140kg (20ft)
3680kg (40ft)


3000 kgs



Degreasing, Abrasive blasting to Sa 2.5
80u Epoxy Primer, 40u Polyrethane-acrylic topcoat (total thickness 120u)
Galvanized floor


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