Fish process freezing plant


Timars freezing plant offers a gentle and efficient way of handling and storing the fish for further transportation by vertical block freezers.

The fish is pumped directly from the grader or storage tanks into the freezer unit together with cooled water. The fish can be pumped into the freezing room and then into the vertical block freezer in a single operation. The freezing room can be equipped with several freezers and the operator is able to select which freezer the fish is to be pumped into by the overhead pumping pipes.

Freezing cycle time is about 60-80 minutes depending on the cooling media used. All frozen blocks are then lifted by a special tools attached to an overhead travelling crane, and transferred into the packing and pallet station.
The frozen fish blocks can then be automatically palletised weighed and packaged. If required, an automatic labelling system can be incorporated. Once sealed the pallets of frozen fish can be transported by a conveyor into cold storage.
This freezing plant can be customized to the client’s specific demands.


Fish process freezing plant


Fish process freezing plant 2


Fish process freezing plant 3


Fish process freezing plant 5


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