Fish process


Timars provides a unique system when it comes to processing herring or fish. We are able to offer partial or complete solutions, select a particular machine or let Timars provide a tailor made system to control the complete process from pumping fish from RSW-tanks, to the freezing of the fish into blocks and packing onto pallets.

Reception station

Timars can offer a complete reception station for fish or herring. From pumping fish from RSW-tanks on-board the vessel into the processing plant. In the plant the fish can be stored in cooled tanks or pumped directly into the fish grading system.


Freezing plant

Timars freezing plant offers a gentle and efficient way of handling and storing the fish for further transportation by vertical block freezers. 

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Roller grader

Timars roller grader for fish and herring is a unique system offering efficient grading. Providing high capacity and wide flexibility. Adjustable table rollers offer the ability to alter both gradient and distance between rollers.

Vibration grader

Timars grading master, vibration operated graders for fish and herring are a bar type grader providing the user with a tried and tested solution.



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