Fish process Vibration grader


Timars grading master, vibration operated graders for fish and herring are a bar type grader providing the user with a tried and tested solution. Formerly these machines were prone to serious vibration problems. These complications have been eliminated from today’s trouble free versions.
Timars vibration grader is available in many different sizes to suit varying environments and fishes.
Shown in the pictures is a Timars grading master with a pre-grader in double lane. Suitable for fish from 5mm width up to 40mm and above. This station was designed to process up to 80-90 tons per hour (Depending on the fish type). In this case there where ten different grades and the fish where pumped from the vessel to the hopper and fed to the graders by an elevator in each lane.
Timars vibration grader is a robust, efficient grader providing reliable operation time after time. 



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